Set of 5 perfume samples of 1ml | Equivalenza


Customers often ask us how to choose a perfume. They want to be sure that the perfume matches their personality and they have the perfect harmony with their skin.

To help all customers who want to choose a new perfume, without making a mistake and which will make them unique, we suggest sending you a set of 5 1ml samples of the perfumes of your choice.

How it works?

1-Select the set of 5 samples at a price of 21$ (price before application of the discount).

2-Apply the code DECOPARFUM5 before finalizing your purchase. You will only be charged 5$, before taxes, for your set of 5 samples.

3- Write down the 5 numbers or the names of the perfumes in the comments section.

4- Complete your purchase.

We will send to you your set of 5 samples for free.

Conditions: limited to 1 set per order

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