Reeds for 50ml or 100ml Diffusers

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Give another life to your diffusers with this kit of 7 rattan sticks and enjoy your favorite fragrance for longer at home. The plant fiber rattan sticks gradually diffuse the natural aroma without requiring electricity consumption or any other type of combustion. Changing them is a simple and easy way to adjust the intensity of your diffuser.

Format:  1 unit of 7 reeds (18.5 cm, 7'')


The more sticks you put in your diffuser, the stronger the scent and the easier it will be for you to perceive it. If you are just looking to give a nice touch to a small space, you can start with two reeds and gradually increase them until you find the ideal point of intensity without going overboard. To maintain the intensity of the scent over the days, simply turn the reeds one to three times a week.

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