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Your fragrance says a lot about who you are: your personality, your mood and your emotions. Each note reveals something about you that goes beyond the sense of smell: emotions, moods, special moments...

Here you’ll find more than 130 fragrances that you'll identify with in different situations. Find a fragrance you identify with and it will make you feel special and unforgettable. Embrace the four universal emotions, which we use as a guide to help you find your fragrance.

At Equivalenza, we take great care in the preparation of all our creations by giving them unique value and using top-quality ingredients. Our fragrances combine aesthetics, beauty, sophistication and emotional well-being while complying with the strictest quality control standards and carefully watching over every step in the production process.

Equivalenza revolutionizes the fragrance world with its system for reusing fragrance bottles. A single glass bottle can have many different lives.