Mikado - Black Vanilla (black vanilla and leather)

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If you are a lifelong lover of scents, the black vanilla fragrance, scented with leather and vanilla, is the ideal diffuser for your home. This mikado will fill any corner with warmth, making you feel more comfortable. Enjoy its sweet fragrance.

Recommended for

50ml Mikado is recommended for a bathroom, entrance.

100ml Mikado is recommended for bedroom, small office, kitchen.

200ml is recommended for living room.

How to apply

Place the diffuser reeds inside the bottle. The recommendation is to place at the beginning only three reeds and wait 24 (or 36) hours for the reeds to absorb and naturally diffuse the scent. To diffuse a strongest scent, add more reeds up to seven.

Made in Spain.

| Irina

Amazing fragrance and lasts long time, love it!

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