Ultrasonic Diffusers & Water-Soluble Scented Oils

The electric diffuser spreads the fragrance steadily through the ultrasound system accompanied by a relaxing breeze cold water vapor. Meanwhile, the built-in interior LED light varies cyclically between the seven colours available. A single device that combines aromatherapy, colour therapy and humidification. Its ease of use and effectiveness in the distribution of the aroma makes it an exceptional aroma diffuser for any space, creating a pleasant and fragrant atmosphere.

To accompany our diffusers, we offer water-soluble oils: oils of concentrated essence. Each essence, in addition to adding fragrance, helps create a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation in the room. Warm, welcoming ambiences that will always make you feel comfortable at home. These perfumes can also be used in traditional essence burners, but only two drops diluted in water are necessary.