BUNDLE CUBE – Ultrasonic Aromatic Diffuser & Scented Oil

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Listening to music, telling the time, changing colors ... it will enchant your home. This is Cube, our ultrasonic aroma diffuser with more technological performance than ever: speaker, bluetooth, clock and play of lights come together in a single device designed to give rhythm to your aromas with innovation and elegance.

Format: 300ml.

Recommended for

For lovers of home fragrances who want the latest scent technologies at home.

How to use

Place it in your favorite spot in the house (don't worry, the fragrance will spread). Put a few drops of your favorite water-soluble scent oil and enjoy a pleasant fragrance and a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

If you want to create an even more unique environment, play with the 7 colors of the LED light, connect to bluetooth and play.


This sleek and minimalist ultrasonic aroma diffuser with speaker and bluetooth has three different diffusion intervals (1h - 3h - 5h) and has an autonomy of diffusion of approximately 10 hours. Cube has a versatile design to match any room, with sleek geometric lines and a beautiful soft touch wood finish.



Made in China.

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