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Not all essential oils are good for diffusing ! So which one should you choose ?

Not all essential oils are good for diffusing ! So which one should you choose ?

Essential, oils are used for preventive, curative or well-being purposes.

They are natural, very potent and therefore should be used with care.

They can be irritating to the respiratory tract and skin. You should choose them well. There are also precautions you should take if you have children or pets.


We have therefore decided to offer a range of water-soluble essential oils for our ultrasonic diffusers that allow you to create the atmosphere you want without endangering your health and those around you.

Our oils are made from aromas of fruit, flowers, lemon or even oceanic notes. They are your best ally to help you relax and forget your physical and mental stress.

Energizing, relaxing or sensual, each scented oil will bring you a unique sensation.


Which one to choose?

Oceanic scented oil: relaxation and well-being

A magical combination of calm and energy channeled into a fresh, invigorating aroma. Oceanic scented oil that stimulates and regenerates the body while generating a feeling of bodily and mental harmony.

Lavender and rosemary scented oil: a sweet fragrance for your well-being

Lavender oil has been used as a therapeutic treatment for years. Its aroma brings to the environment a feeling of balance and harmony.

Yuzu and bergamot scented oil: energy and happiness with fruity flavors

An energizing and stimulating combination that improves your mental state and generates a feeling of positivism and joy.

Scented oil of red fruits: energetic and positive

The aroma of red fruits like raspberry, cherry or blackberry increases our energy by helping us to fight stress. Its aroma creates very positive sensations, and has the power to draw a smile on every person who smells it.

Vanilla and ebony scented oil: soft and sensual

Vanilla essential oil has the power to stimulate as well as calm the nervous system. In addition to its relaxing and soothing properties, it has aphrodisiac properties.

Ebony essence provides protective and restorative properties, of great help in times of insomnia.

Scented oil of white flowers: fresh, sensual and feminine

White flower oil helps us relax and sleep. In addition, this aroma improves the climate of the home and brings a feeling of welcome and warmth. The white jasmine flower also posses aphrodisiac properties and increases creativity.


All of our oils are water soluble and can be used with our ultrasonic aroma diffusers. You will only need to dilute three or four drops of the oil in a little water (depending on the space and the intensity you desire) to be able to start enjoying your moment of relaxation.


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