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More than ever, we care about the well-being of the planet. The gradual degradation of the ozone layer, climate change and the latest natural disasters require our collaboration. If you also care about the environment, we suggest you follow these tips. These are simple, everyday actions that, together with the actions of other people, can have a big impact. Want to put them into practice?

1-Bulk purchase

Do you remember when you were young your family bought food in bulk? At the time, there were food stores and grocery stores where you could buy everything by the kilo. Concern for the environment made this old habit fashionable. Buying in bulk, both your food and your beauty and hygiene products will reduce the consumption of plastics and other materials like glass.

The trick: Try to reuse the products’ contenants you use every day, such as your home perfumes and home fragrance. At Equivalenza, you can buy them in bulk and thus contribute to responsible consumption. As for food products, take the opportunity to buy fresh and seasonal foods.

2-Use recyclable bags

That's classic advice, but if you think about how many plastic bags you used in the past week, you'll realize that you don't always put it into practice. By reducing the consumption of plastic bags, you will be helping the environment more than you think. Choose to buy from stores that have recycled paper bags, and don't forget to bring your own fabric bag when shopping.

The trick: grab a mesh bag to buy fruits and vegetables at the market. This will prevent you from using the plastic bags they offer in vegetable stores.

3-Goodbye to single-use plastics

If you've managed to say goodbye to plastic bags, that's already good, but think you still have a ways to go. We are talking about single-use containers, water or soda bottles, plastic glasses and plates. Offer to get rid of them and start from scratch. From now on, single-use plastics are banned!

The trick: you will find all the utensils you need made from alternative, reusable materials, such as corn or recycled cardboard.

4-Reduce the time in the shower

Water is a precious commodity that we don't often cherish. If you like taking a bath at the end of the day, now is the time to trade it in for a relaxing shower. We limit the pleasure of bathing to a few times a month. In this way, not only will you save water, but also you will manage to give this moment all the exclusivity it deserves. During your bath, treat yourself with a bath bomb and take the opportunity to relax.

The trick: in the shower, don't forget to reduce your time in the water. Turn off the water to soap you up and open it again to rinse off. With this small step, you will save a lot of liters of water per year since you consume 40 liters of water every 3 minutes.

5-Say goodbye to the car in the city

Walking is not only a highly recommended exercise for your health, but by practicing it daily, you will reduce your use of transport, whether public or private. If you have to travel to work, choose to use other means like cycling or combine using public transport with a good walk.

The trick: if you have no choice but to use the car to get to work, you can choose to share the ride with other colleagues. Get organized and enjoy the ride.

And you ? How do you take care of the environment? Walk up to your nearest Equivalenza store and find out how you can start purchasing your perfumes, reed diffusers and sprays. You will be surprised how easy it is to help the planet.


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